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What kind of SDGs is healthy aging in SDGs 2nd edition (2nd edition of SDGs)? Also, what number of SDGs does it apply to?

Healthy Aging, advocated by the United Nations, is a public-private partnership that aims to solve the common challenge of aging society. 2020 was adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2020 as the second version of the SDGs. Broadly speaking, there are four action areas: (1) Awareness-raising such as the elimination of age discrimination; etc.) (3) Care that integrates the whole life including medical care, nursing care, prevention, food/nutrition, exercise, end of life, etc. (4) Long-term care (nursing care and carer support), data and research for these (1), (2), (3), (4)・Proposals and recommendations are made by the United Nations to promote innovation, economics, finance, and public-private partnerships.

Fits 11 of the 17 SDGs

​Included in 11 of the 17 goals of the SDGs (1,2,3,4,5,8,9,10,11,16,17) with the United Nations Officially announced by WHO.
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​What kind of technology is Agetech?

What kind of technology is Agetech?


Agetech refers to technology that enhances the inclusiveness and wellbeing of aging societies. In addition to the medical and nursing care fields, we also target technologies related to age-friendly urban environments and lifestyles such as preventive healthcare and financial fields such as housing, mobility, and fintech.

Basically, it refers to technology and innovation that contribute to healthy aging as defined in the 2nd edition of the SDGs adopted by the United Nations General Assembly, "Decade of Healthy Aging 2021-2030: Decade of Healthy Aging." Please refer to the Decade of Healyhy Aging button below for more information.) Japan has a higher aging rate and acceleration than other countries (the highest aging rate and acceleration in the world), so not only the elderly but also their families and local communities Research and innovation that can be applied to people, children, pregnant women, and people with some kind of disability are also subject to review. Even if the current product is not marketed specifically to seniors, it may be targeted to seniors where necessary and available.


​Since when has the Wellbeing & Age Tech Awards been held, and what kind of technologies are judged?

This award will be held from 2021. Many people in Japan think of nursing care when they think of age-tech, so last year most of the entries were about technology related to nursing care.


The subjects of the examination are well-being tech and age tech. Wellbeing tech is technology that enhances mental, physical and social wellbeing. Age-tech is not only for nursing care, but also for medical care and nursing care, age-friendly living environments, such as monitoring sensors, self-driving, MaaS, mobility, etc. The means are also age tech. Femtech designed for women's menopause falls under Agetech, while fertility research and apps fall under Femtech and Wellbeing Tech.


For example, in the event of something happening to you, a disaster, a traffic accident, or a sudden illness such as cerebral infarction, you and your family will need information (blood transfusion if needed) Age-tech also includes apps that store information such as type, past medical history, treatment methods, electronic medical record information, and family doctor information. Agetech also includes science, technology and innovation for housing and town development environments, such as materials that allow wheelchairs and walking aids to move smoothly while reducing impact when they fall. There is a market map of Agetech, so please see the following screening targets.


Most age-tech is not only for the elderly, but is often effective for their families, communities, children, pregnant women, people with some kind of disease or disability, and people undergoing rehabilitation after an accident. Rather than just things, it generally refers to things to enhance the inclusiveness and well-being of a super-aging society.


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